To advance multiculturalism and social cohesion in Australia in a way that is respectful for both the Latin American migrants and the wider Australian society. 


To provide platforms that (1) increase the sense of belonging, acceptance and legitimacy of the Latin American migrant community, (2) create awareness of the Latin American contribution to Australia’s social capital and diversity and (3) build opportunities for social cohesion for Latin American migrants, especially for those in need.

Main Activities

(1) We collect and publish the stories/voices of the Latin American community where people share their personal journey and their insights for succeeding in Australia. 

(2) We organise, and/or participate in, different events around Australia that either advance culture and/or help to the social or public welfare.

(3) We increase social justice and equity by providing workshops that responds to the disadvantaged Latin American people in Australia.


Why the conversation marks?

The dialogue between cultures fosters a plural, diverse and respectful society. We provide platforms for conversations to advance multiculturalism and social cohesion.

And the faces?

They represent the people (the Latin American migrants). Through their stories, individual experiences are shared, and our culture and collective achievements are highlighted. When personal stories are shared in a collective way, they create a positive impact in the whole community. The collective stories create LATIN STORIES AUSTRALIA.

The colours

They represent the diversity in Latin American cultures and landscapes. They also represent the happiness and enthusiasm that characterise our societies; and emphasise our diversity without reinforcing social stereotypes of gender, race or beauty.

The font sizes

LATIN has the largest visual weight as our collective “Latino” identity is what creates a sense of belonging. The STORIES are the “how” we contribute to create a collective identity and sense of belonging. AUSTRALIA has the smallest visual weight as it only represents the geographical space.


Our previous logo


Our logo represented the Latin American migrants to Australia.

‘Arrived 1973’ represents the beginning of the Latin American immigration wave which surged from 1973 to the early 90s (Carr & Minns, 2014).

Latin American: From the region of South America, Central America and the Caribbean.